Our Reality a Poem by a Young Person

We would like to share a poem named 'Our Reality' that has been written by one of our Young People.  Take a read:

Darting eyes

Clutched keys

Make sure your maps are on

Hide all vulnerability

From little girls

We are taught we’re prey

Long skirts, baggy jumpers

Keep the problem at bay

We live in fear

We must pay

For the lost lives of women taken away

I will not live in fear

The teaching of acceptance must end here

We must fight for our safety, our comfort

No more blood

No more disappearance

No more silence

Together we make a stand

Our sisters, our mothers, our daughters

The little girl

She will walk in confidence that she is not a statistic

Feminine, bold opinionated
We fight now

To make her future Safe

It’s the pain in the small moments

Solum solidarity 

We creep our blistered feet

On foundations of unforgiving stares

Hopeful gazes

The all-consuming crave for validation

Not one of us is truly whole

Swirled in the masquerade ball

Content in our facades

Behind the mask, tears fall gracefully

Puffed bloodshot eyes

The pain is okay

Being broken is okay

Glances, lust, desire

Complimentary to me

With my blistered feet I twirl and glide

Boldness attracts the spotlight

The spotlight I deserve

Overcome fear

Justified tear

Watch me crack, and fall and bleed

I am all but human

This is me.

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